• In April 2013 we started a training group with four friends and a trainer trying to cater to the wide range of people in Bogota that are interested in running.
  • Now, over two years later, we have more than 90 active athletes in our group and counting.
    We train all Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with the guidance from two professional athletes and coaches to avoid any lesion and to improve the running technique.
  • Bogota is our main location (sometimes we move temporary to others cities to support “the Korredores”), the city provides some good spaces to run, such as the parks across the city and the “Ciclovia” which is a Sunday carnival for runner and bikers (a mixture of running, joy and music!).
  • If you like the trail running Bogota has great locations such as the Cerros Orientales, Monserrate and Guadeloupe with safe routes at the weekends that attract lots of athletes.
  • We have runners not only from Colombia but also from UK, Germany, Venezuela, Spain, among others. No matter how long will last you stay in Bogotá (a week or a life) join us!